FREE Obsidian MD Note Templates Starter Pack + 4-Part Course

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FREE Obsidian MD Note Templates Starter Pack + 4-Part Course

John Mavrick
35 ratings

The secret weapon to achieving more in life.

An app that's helped me achieve my most ambitious goals and desires as I self-learned and put in the hours on top of school and work.

In my personal experience, it's been invaluable towards:

  • Studying in school to get a 4.07 GPA
  • Learning to code to land a web development internship
  • Remembering and synthesizing paradigm-shifting ideas from 60+ books
  • Creating videos to grow my channel to 6,000 subscribers
  • Growth journalling through daily reflections and weekly reviews

Any activity or part of your life can be enhanced through this app.

Change the way you learn and manage your life by using the same templates and workflows as I did.

Your future accomplished and fulfilled self will thank you ;)

Downloading this includes:

15+ templates for Obsidian MD

  • Daily, weekly, monthly+ notes to reflect and plan
  • Book notes to extract insights
  • Basic note templates to build ideas
  • School and course templates to organize resources
  • Task and project management to stay on top of things
  • A video guide to help set them up

A 4-part email course to help you start from the very basics!

It'll answer questions like:

  • How do I get started learning Obsidian?
  • What can Obsidian be used for, and how do you use the templates?
  • How should you organize Obsidian notes?
  • What are the best resources to learn Obsidian?
I want this!


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